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This section contains only a very small part of our entire provincial registry. We have set it up for those members who would like to post their search notice on the Internet. The service is offered over and above the regular activities of Mouvement Retrouvailles. For that reason, we ask a small fee of CDN$20.00 to place your name in the Internet registry. The fee is used to cover our Internet costs. You are registered permanently and only have to pay the fee once.

If you find a possible match in the search notices, please contact us. If the match is good, we will seek confirmation from the Quebec Youth Centre. Members are then offered access to our counselling and support services.

The people who have posted a search notice here are included in our provincial registry. You have to be included in our provincial registry to make a posting but you can consult the online registry for free.

You are an active member and would like your information to appear on these pages? Please print and fill in the form (french version only) reserved for active members.

Mouvement Retrouvailles - Head-office
Casier postal 47002
Lévis (Québec)
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Caroline Fortin, Présidente et coordonnatrice
Téléphone : 418 903 9960
Téléphone : 1 888 646 1060 (sans frais)
Télécopie : 418 834 9627

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