Becoming a Member

Would you like to become a member? It costs CDN$35 to be included in our provincial registry, which includes your membership of CDN $12. After that, renewing your membership costs CDN$12 a year.

To sign up, please call 418 903 9960 or 1 888 646 1060 and you will receive a membership form in the mail as well as printed information on Mouvement Retrouvailles and our services.

Why Join Us?
  • personal well-being
  • liberation from a heavy secret
  • being able to talk with other people
  • finding a supportive ear
  • encouragement, support
  • counselling
  • assistance
  • the family-like surroundings
  • to make sure your reunion is a happy one
  • to help out
  • to express your emotions
  • to understand other people's behaviour
  • to find your dignity, identity, roots

Previous Members: Were you a member in the past and your membership has expired? Please choose one of the above methods and we will be happy to renew your membership.

Reminder: It is vital for us that you renew your membership each year. Your contribution is essential to the survival of Mouvement Retrouvailles. Twelve dollars a year isn't much to ask. It is up to you to help-by means of your membership fee-keep the services of our organization alive and to advance our cause.

Please notify both the Adoption/Post-Adoption Service, Centre Jeunesse (Youth Centre) in your region and Mouvement Retrouvailles of any change of address.

Mouvement Retrouvailles - Head-office
Casier postal 47002
Lévis (Québec)
G6Z 2L3

Caroline Fortin, Présidente et coordonnatrice
Téléphone : 418 903 9960
Téléphone : 1 888 646 1060 (sans frais)
Télécopie : 418 834 9627

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