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If you would like us to mail you a membership form or further information on our organization, please fill in the form here (Sorry, french version only). This form is only meant for birth parents who gave a child up for adoption or for adoptees who are looking for their birth parents. The children must have been born in Québec. Click here for more information

Before signing up with Mouvement Retrouvailles, we would strongly encourage you to register with the Youth Centre (Centre Jeunesse) in the region where the person in question was born or adopted, depending on who is doing the search. For more information, please contact the Mouvement Retrouvailles office in your region. Please ensure that you have provided all required information before submitting the form.

Mouvement Retrouvailles - Head-office
Casier postal 47002
Lévis (Québec)
G6Z 2L3

Caroline Fortin, Présidente et coordonnatrice
Téléphone : 418 903 9960
Téléphone : 1 888 646 1060 (sans frais)
Télécopie : 418 834 9627

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