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We would like to thank Mr. Derek Tronsgard for his wonderful work done in the translation of our site. Without his precious help, a version like this could not be offer to you. We are sure that everyone of you are joining us to thank and congratulate him.

Note well that the English version of our site is not updated regularly except from the ads search sections. To obtain the last version of the contents, you must reach the French version of the site (official version).

Caroline Fortin, Chairperson

Mouvement Retrouvailles - Head-office
Casier postal 47002
Lévis (Québec)
G6Z 2L3

Caroline Fortin, Présidente et coordonnatrice
Téléphone : 418 903 9960
Téléphone : 1 888 646 1060 (sans frais)
Télécopie : 418 834 9627

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